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Forspoken game is a year 2023 role-playing action game developed by Luminous Productions and published by Square Enix. Forspoken game was released on month January 24, year 2023 for Windows and PlayStation 5. According to director Takeshi Aramaki, the game was designed to focus on the speed and fluidity of underground travel. Square Enix also described the game as a “narrative thriller”. This action is in the form of an open world game where players can go anywhere at any time.

In the game the player, Frey, can access different types of magic. After each battle, the player gets experience points. Frey’s cape can be upgraded to improve his combat performance and stats, while adding nails unlocks special abilities. The player can also create new items or rest in a safe place to restore health. As the player explores the game world, they may encounter “storms”, a horde-like situation where waves of demons come out and attack Frey. The storm ends with the appearance of a character named the boss.

The protagonist, Alfre “Frey” Holland  is a young woman transported from New York to the virtual world of Athia. He uses magical powers to navigate through it and survive to find his journey. Name Athia is under the tyranny of the Tantas, which includes Tanta Sila, Tanta Prav , Tanta Olas  and Tanta Cinta , other characters include influencer Frey Cuff , bookkeeper Johedy , and Auden.

Boldness is the first project of Luminous Productions; Company was previously staffed with Final Fantasy 15. Earlier in development, the game was known as Project Athia. Forspoken game was developed to take advantage of the graphics capabilities of the PlayStation 5 and was released for Windows. Technologies featured in the game include ray tracing for improved lighting effects and procedural generation for creating larger areas. Originally scheduled for release on month May 24, year 2022, Square Enix has delayed its release date to month October 11, year 2022, then month January 24, year 2023.

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