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Alan Wake II / Alan Wake 2 game is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Epic Games Publishing. Sequel to Alan Wake year (2010), Alan Wake II / Alan Wake 2 game should be released on Windows, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in year 2023.

Remedy Entertainment released Alan Wake in year 2010. Remedy learned from their lessons in working with game Max Payne and wrote Alan Wake in a way that allows for another story from another series and installments. The group started talking quickly after Alan Wake was posted. The series will continue to star Alan Wake as the protagonist, but will explore the backstories of supporting characters, including Wake’s friend Barry Wheeler and Sheriff Sarah Breaker. A prototype was created to show the game Alan Wake II / Alan Wake 2 when the company showed the potential publishers of the game. New enemies and gameplay mechanics, such as the ability to rewrite reality, were introduced in the show. Historically, it will be the sequel to Alan Wake. Eventually, Remedy turned the project over to Microsoft Studios publisher Alan Wake. Microsoft, however, at that time was not interested in a sequel but the work of Solutions to create something new. This turned out to be Quantum Break, released in year 2016. Many of the ideas from Alan Wake II / Alan Wake 2 were adapted from American Nightmare, a sequel to the original Alan Wake game.

When game Quantum Break was announced, Sam Lake explained that the Alan Wake series had been postponed and that Alan Wake was not financially successful enough to raise the funds they needed to continue producing the series. Chief Communications Officer Thomas Puha said in month April year 2019 that Remedy had resumed work on the Alan Wake plot about two years earlier, but the effort did not work and the company is now on hold for the next few years. , among their new game consoles. , supporting Smilegate and its Crossfire game, as well as other new projects. Puha said the only thing stopping them from working on the Alan Wake series was “time, money and resources”.

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