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Ark 2 / Ark II will be one of the main new games for year 2023. Studio Wildcard is working hard on its series of Box: Survival Evolved, pushing for a distributed world and a strong “Soul like” let’s fight” to help bring one of them. This is the best survival game to a new generation. While we are still waiting for the first game of Ark 2 / Ark II, everything we know about the game shows that we should consider it as one of the most anticipated Xbox Series X games coming in the schedule for year 2023. So keep going, discover the latest Ark 2 / Ark II stories, from Vin Diesel’s involvement to how the world is changing. Studio Wildcard pushed the release date for Ark 2 / Ark II to year 2023. When the game was announced at The Game Awards in year 2020, Microsoft announced that it will launch in year 2022. But given that we’ve gone 2 years without an update and the unprecedented impact the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic has had on the development pipeline, it shouldn’t surprise us that Studio Wildcard has pushed Box 2 to year 2023. We are waiting for more information about the release window which will be announced soon. Ark 2 / Ark II  is the exclusive launch console for Xbox Series X. Studio Wildcard announced this partnership with Microsoft Gaming at the unveiling of the game – it’s a deal that makes it the only console platform you’ll be able to play Box 2 at launch – Xbox song. Ark is also coming to PC, just like its predecessor Ark: Survival Evolved.

The 1st Ark II / Ark 2 trailer was revealed in year 2020, as part of the game’s awards. The Ark 2 / Ark II reveals a trailer that was completely captured in the engine, although Studio Wildcard has since confirmed that the development has been motivated by the non existent Engine 5. Although this reveals the drive in the trailer does not feature any game-play, it gives the coming sandbox sound, and reveals some famous faces to join. Production, showing some of the new features we can expect to see when Ark 2 / Ark II finally launches.

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