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Pikmin 4 / Pikmin IV video game focuses on the staple game of the Pikmin series – players control a small leader, who must spend 1 day on a planet like Earth, raising pikmin to defeat enemies, save things and reach various goals somewhere. Pikmin 4 / Pikmin IV adds for new mechanics to transport Pikmin and close up camera options, as well as introducing new types of Pikmin with new abilities to help solve puzzles and defeat enemies, such as Ice Pikmin that can freeze water and enemy. In addition, the player will also be able to command a creature such as a dog called Oatchi in the game, which can help carry things or carry Pikmin across water. The main story of the Pikmin 4 / Pikmin IV game will focus on rescuing a new human race on the same planet used in the Pikmin series. On month September 7, year 2015, Pikmin creator Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed to Eurogamer that Pikmin 4 / Pikmin IV was in development and “closer to completion”. On month July 7, year 2016, Miyamoto said in an E3 interview with Game Rant that Pikmin 4 / Pikmin IV is still in development, but with a low priority. On month June 19, year 2017, Miyamoto assured Eurogamer that the game was still “in progress”. Shigeru Miyamoto announced Pikmin 4 / Pikmin IV in a Nintendo Direct on month September 13, year 2022. The teaser previews the game, without any gameplay or story details. Nintendo also announced that the Pikmin t-shirt worn by Miyamoto during the announcement will be made available at the Nintendo Store in New York and on Nintendo’s website. In the month February 8, year 2023 Nintendo Direct, Pikmin 4 / Pikmin IV was revealed to be released on month July 21, year 2023.

Meet Pikmin, small plant-like creatures that you can collect, grow, command and defeat your enemies! These sought-after helpers come in different forms: fire is not a problem for Red Pikmin, and the new Ice Pikmin can stop enemies in the environment. Use your little Pikmin powers (and a little planning) to explore this mysterious planet.

You get a dog too! Oatchi a good boy and a reliable companion, can help you break obstacles and take Pikmin on your journey. With little Pikmin and dogs that can pull, no challenge is too big!

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